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With utmost eminence, these beauty enthusiasts target people to boost their confidence and enhance the beauty underneath their insecurities.

Belle Paradise is a Beauty Salon and Spa based in Cameroon, Central Africa. It is home to all luxury services that polish your appearance in the best way possible. Belle Paradise has a team of experts who are skilled in beauty fields. These licensed aestheticians cater to clients with premium services. It is the house of beauty services and products focused on Haircare, Makeup, Skincare, Nails, Safety, and Fashion.

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Meet the team

Quinet Mengwi
C.EO & Manager

Calista Fongwi
Beauty Educator

Khan Remian Pih
Nail Technician

Wisdom Tegha A
Barber & Locks

Claudette Nfor Shangla
Hair Stylist

Our Mission

Our mission is to inject our beautiful clients with immense confidence. With our products and services, we strive to convey the sense of luxury that is a source of polishing the beauty within. Our business provides various beauty services and products that encourage personal care and pampering. Our primary goal is to provide comfort and luxury at the same time.

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