Wanna be an expert beautician, aesthetician, or nail technician? Learn with Belle Paradise

Belle paradise is a one-stop destination for beauty services and products. Apart from sales, we provide beauty training to beginners. Our experts conduct sessions that contain all levels of beauty training.

The professionals at Belle Paradise Beauty Salon & Spa have a spirit of outdoing the best in every task they undertake. Be it providing services or training, beauticians are always exceeding the expectations of the client.

We provide training in the following services at Belle Paradise.

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You can never master your skill in haircuts unless you have the right tools with you. Before initiating the journey to learn the hair-cutting technique, make sure you have razors, edge liners, trimmers, and shears and most importantly right guidance. We provide proper training for all kinds of haircuts for men and women both.
Course duration and fee.
6 Months Training – 250,000 FCFA


This course teaches the fundamentals of what it takes to professionally whiten a client’s teeth. The training is conducted for both entry-level and experienced cosmetologists who aim to give their clients a white and bright smile.


This course includes- how to do a sew-in, frontal and closure installation class.
Course fee- 150,000FCFA

Enroll yourself in any of your favorite services and make yourself a subject expert.
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